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vintage home love: White Chocolate Apricot Bread

I have absolutely enjoyed reading about your favorite breads on my giveaway post and how they evoke cooking memories with your family.  Making memories in the kitchen is so much fun and it’s amazing how much the smell of baking bread can bring back those memories.  

That said, all the bread talk made me seriously hungry and gave me a mad craving for some.  One of you mentioned a white chocolate cherry bread and the sound of that had me running to the nearest grocery store for the ingredients to make one for myself.

Only I didn’t use cherries, I used dried apricots because I love their texture in bread.  I used the Better Homes and Garden recipe and left out the nuts as my family doesn’t like them.  

I can’t even begin to tell you how good this bread is.  Besides the chewy sweet tart apricots, there are little pockets of lovely melted white chocolate that pairs perfectly with the chewy apricots and the sweet bread.  But it isn’t too sweet, it’s perfect, I promise.  And the crispy, almost caramelized edges push it right over the top.  This bread is so good and if I could, I would send you all a slice of it.

I am working on a really fun project right now and can’t wait to share.  It’s huge and I’ve run into difficulties but it involves a very cool huge vintage sign that my hubby found buried in dirt in a barn.  So. Cool!!!  Stay tuned!

Make this bread………and thank you for all the lovely comments on the giveaway.  

I smiled at every one of them.


P.S.  Remember the giveaway ends Thursday night so if you haven’t left a comment on that post, you still have time to do so!  🙂

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