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vintage home love: Vintage Industrial Bread Pans

Hello!  My hubby was looking through our local metal scrap yard a couple of weeks ago, with permission of course, and came across a couple of old rusty industrial bread pans.  I loved the old patina they had.  They were lovely and since I also make bread boards and love baking bread, I thought they couldn’t be more perfect for our kitchen. 

I’ve never really blogged about this little cabinet before so I thought I would now.  A couple of years ago we were out for one of our summer bike rides and came across a yard sale.  There were only a couple of things left, one of them being this cabinet.  It was filthy and yellow and definitely needed a makeover.  It was only $15 so we couldn’t pass it up.  I cleaned it up, painted it white and added crown molding to the top.  I usually use it to store my spices, flours and pasta, but decided to give it a little better organizing and put a few of my favorite things in it for display as well.

I put some of our long bread boards in the bottom, along with an industrial rolling pin my hubby found and a bread basket.

I love the way it turned out! 

See you next time!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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