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vintage home love: Vintage Flatware

Hey there!  My hubby recently purchased the contents of another building to “pick” and has been bringing home all kinds of fun things for me to play with.  One of which was a big box of vintage silver flatware.  I just love vintage flatware and this particular group happens to be from the 30’s.  Imagine the wonderful history it has.

I was torn between leaving it as is or polishing it up as very old flatware patina really appeals to me.  But after polishing one of the spoons, I decided I had to spiff it all up.  It took an entire morning but I’m sure glad I did.   Here’s what it looks like after all that work.

The picture here really doesn’t do it justice.  They are perfect and I’m crazy about these fork and spoon collections, as well as, this collection of odd shaped spoons on the end.

And these larger forks and spoons are just lovely and sparkly.

There were also this collection of serving pieces that I was so excited about.  I’m crazy about the pie server because I don’t have one and so this beautiful piece will come in very handy. 

I didn’t want to just put all of it away in a drawer to never be admired, so, I decided to do something special with it.  I grouped the forks, spoons, small and large, together and tied them with jute twine, kind of like a flatware bouquet.  🙂

Then I took an old bushel basket and lined it with part of a coffee sack.  I tied a piece of rope around the overhang and attached this cute little merci clay tag to it.  Then filled it with our white cloth napkins and all the beautiful vintage flatware “bouquets.”

I placed it next to the small pedestal chalk board I made, as well as, the wonderful french wine box I received.

I am loving warm wood tones with whites and light grays right now.  I put my our wine collection in this wonderful wood crate that hubby found.

Love it!

I’m also working on another piece for the dining room that hubby brought home that is getting a total transformation.  I’ll give you a sneak peak of the before.

Can’t wait to show you what I’ve done with it!  Stay tuned!  Wishing you all a happy day!

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