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vintage home love: Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Hey there!  Decorating the table for Thanksgiving dinner with my family is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s a time we are all able to come together as a complete family to share a meal and be thankful for our many blessings, so I like to make it special, so, they will feel special.  I know it’s a little early but as I was taking photos of my new bread boards, I was inspired, so I went with it and wanted to share some simple, inexpensive ideas with you.  I’m certainly not an expert, but these are some ideas I have fun with and maybe you will find them helpful.

For a simple rustic table runner, try a coffee grain sack.  I love the natural feel and warmth it brings to the table and I’m giving away 5 of them!  Details coming soon……

Vintage serving flatware pieces are a charming addition, as well.  You can find these all the time at tag sales and flea markets and they aren’t very expensive.

For napkins, I like to use something simple and pretty to balance all the rustic elements.  Same idea applies to dinnerware.  I choose something a little more modern for plates, bowls, glasses and serving pieces.  Our dinnerware was a gift from my man for our anniversary and I am crazy about them.  

I love vintage salt and pepper shakers, as well as, more modern unique styles (the blue glass salt and pepper bowls with tiny spoons came from Anthropologie).  While you don’t need this many, of course, it’s fun to mix and match different styles.

An old crate full of plain white candles makes a simple but beautiful center piece.  I like to pick up white candles at the dollar store because you can get much more for your money.

Last, but certainly not least, a couple of pumpkins.  I picked up these gorgeous heirloom varieties at my local grocery store.  The color of each of them is beautiful.

If any of you are struggling with how to decorate your table for Thanksgiving dinner, like I do, I hope you will find some of these ideas helpful.  Nothing fancy, just simple and warm.

This is my newest set of walnut mini bread boards.

I’m very happy with them because they correspond with all my walnut bread boards for any of you that like things to match, as I do, occasionally.

Click here to order.   Lots more of my other bread boards have been listed in my shop, as well.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  I’d love to see pics of your Thanksgiving table.  Email ’em to me! 🙂

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