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vintage home love: Remembering a Gentler Time…

One day this past week a kind elderly lady was visiting our shop.  She was quietly sifting through a crate of old Christmas ornaments, taking such care in each one that she picked up.  After a few minutes, I noticed she was smiling, with tears in her eyes, and she seemed quite taken with one of the ornaments she had picked up.

Softly, she told me that the ornament was just like one that she had as a child and it recalled for her such wonderful memories of Christmas with her family.  It brought her such happiness… 

It also made me realize that the happiness on her face and in her heart
from finding that tiny little ornament is really what makes this journey
of ours so meaningful and not just a business venture.

I really hope everyone that visits our shop is able to experience that happiness…..memories of kinder, gentler times are something to be treasured in our hearts and recalled often. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂


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