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vintage home love: Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Hello!  I apologize for the lack of posts recently.  As the weather warms up and the days become sunny and beautiful, it’s hard for me to take the time to sit down in front of a computer.  Anyway, remember the shelving unit I built for my hubby out of salvaged barn wood?  My Restoration Hardware knock-off?  Well…..I’ve always admired it, BUT, I built it for my hubby, so, it was for him to use for his collections, not mine.  
He recently found an awesome iron shelf with a big X in the back, very similar to this that he loved, with the exception being that the one he found was all metal.  And he was running out of room on the shelf I built for him.  So, being the wonderful, selfless man that he is, he gave the reclaimed shelf to me to use in our dining room.  Yay!!  I didn’t waste any time putting my ironstone collection on it.  And the fun part is that it inspired me to completely redo our dining room, right down to the curtain rod.
 Here’s the shelving unit….

What was even better was that he also found some large industrial castors to put on it for me.  When I first built it, there were smaller ones and I wanted larger ones to add a little bit more height to the shelf, but at the time, we couldn’t find any.  He found these at our local metal scrap yard, for free. 

The large clock on the top of the shelf is vintage and was purchased at a yard sale, also by hubby.  I absolutely love it!

I will post about the dining room soon and also reveal my side/back porch redo for spring, hopefully before spring is over!  And I have several tutorials to post as well, if I could ever find the time!  Happy Monday everyone!

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