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I hope you had a nice weekend!

I am in the process of giving our den a facelift (again), as it’s the room the stairs are in.  
I’ve said this before but our den is usually a mess, where all my boys hang out and so I try not to put anything too nice in there or be very picky about the way it looks…….for a while.  If you remember, I redecorated this room for my hubby a year or so ago but after awhile, we moved certain pieces of furniture out of the room, changed things around, and it kinda became a little bare again.  

So, time for a change. 

The first thing it definitely needed was a couple of side tables.  We had some scraps of reclaimed bowling alley flooring left and an old Pottery Barn iron table frame in storage so I decided to make a side table using that.  I’ve already made a couple of nesting tables from our other slab of flooring and we are so happy with those but they are in the living room.  The den definitely needed one, too.  Here’s what I started with.

I measured and then cut the pieces to fit inside the lip of the table and then sanded the two pieces of flooring down using 180 grit sandpaper followed by 320 grit to make it really smooth.  Then placed them in the table.  There was about an inch gap in between the two slabs so I decided to add a piece of the reclaimed walnut that we had planed and ripped down.  It fit perfectly and I loved the dark contrast between the two lighter slabs.  I attached the piece to one side with our nail gun and then attached the other side with wood glue and let it sit overnight.

The next day, I attached beams to the back to make it extra stable.  

Then sanded again with 320 grit sandpaper.

Next I coated with dark raw tung oil and finished with paste wax and 

then attached it to the iron frame with screws underneath.

Here’s a little sneak peek of it in the room. 

We are crazy about this table!  

I love the walnut strip down the middle, such a fun touch.

And once again, the table cost me nothing to make.  Yay!

I picked up the faux milk glass lamp with the burlap shade at Lowe’s this weekend for a steal on clearance for 12 bucks.  I love deals like that!

So that’s it!

My hubby went to an auction this past weekend and picked up a bunch of goodies, some for our shop, some for the kids and me and I can’t wait to share.  

I hope they will give you a little preview of what’s going to be in our shop.

Have a great day!


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