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vintage home love: New Pantry, Greenhouse

I love to grow vegetables.  My hubby and I have had a vegetable patch since we got married 21 years ago.  And in those 21 years, I have dreamed of having a greenhouse so I could grow our veggies year round.  This past weekend, my hubby made that dream come true.  He bought me a greenhouse for our anniversary.  🙂  I will share a photo of it below.

Because I love to garden so much, I have also wanted to learn to can our own vegetables.  I’ve never done it, but it fascinates me.  I’ve planned to can the last two years but our extreme summer heat has made it nearly impossible to grow enough to can.  But I’m determined to do it this summer.  There is something magical and satisfying about pantries lined with jars of food that you’ve grown yourself, isn’t there?  I remember my grandma had shelves of canning jars full of all kinds of food in her basement. 

So, how ironic was it that my hubby came home with an amazing wood pantry/locker that he picked up at an estate sale.  It was pretty rough but I thought it would be the perfect thing to store our jars of food that we will hopefully have this summer.  🙂

I cleaned it, Kilzed it and added a couple of coats of Simply White by Benjamin Moore.  And because it reminded me of the Pottery Barn white wooden lockers, I stenciled numbers on the front using Valspar Withered Moss paint and a stencil I printed from the computer.  Here is a before photo.  Pretty nasty, which explains why I used Kilz.

Now the inside is as good as new and ready for rows and rows of garden vegetables. 
Hopefully.  🙂

I parted ways with the other cabinet that was in it’s place that I just blogged about a few weeks or so ago.  I just couldn’t pass this cabinet up.  And we need a lot more storage in our kitchen so, it was best.

Here’s a pic of the greenhouse my hubby bought for me.

It isn’t huge or fancy, but instead, perfect for us and reminds me of one of the reasons why I love my man so much.

If anyone has any canning tips, please do share!  I need all the help and encouragement I can get.

Thank you, friends!


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