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vintage home love: New Mini Bread Boards

Hey there!  Hope everyone is having a good summer week.  I’ve been working like crazy to get more bread boards in my shop.  I’ve gotten kinda lazy about it and started receiving many emails asking if more were coming.  So, I’ve come up with something that I’m really proud of.

Now let me back up a bit.  Several months ago a friend of ours gave us a truck load full of walnut from trees that were on his property.  It was gorgeous but at the time I was so busy, I just put it in storage and kinda forgot about it.  Around that same time my hubby came home with these.

I really didn’t know what they were but from the looks of them, they were what I had been looking for as far as my bread boards were concerned.  They seem to be some type of branding iron tool, alphabet punch thingamajig.  Only problem was this was all there was.  Only a few letters.

Fast forward to now.  During the time that I’ve been making these bread boards, I’ve had lots of people request them to be in walnut instead of maple.  So, I decided to offer both my original set and french set of mini bread boards in walnut.  

These will only be available for a limited time as when I run out of my walnut, they will be gone.  Of course, I will always still have them available in maple.

And the special touch that I added to each board with the iron tools is this.

It is the word “YOU” and I put it there because I thought it was perfect since each board is for an individual special person.  I was lucky that out of the few letters I had, I was able to come up with this word.  I burned it into the wood by heating up the iron tools.  It is very subtle but I think, pretty special.

I also brought back my medium walnut board that I had available during Christmas, also with an engraving, but instead of “YOU”, I’ve engraved the word “ONE” because it is a single board and not part of a set.  Not everyone may agree, but I think it’s a neat touch.

As well as my long rustic walnut board.

And I’ve listed a special set of my french set in walnut as well.

This is the set that is part of my giveaway.  So, it will be available for a limited time in my shop as well.  

Remember, the WALNUT MINI SETS are only going to be available for a very short time.  When I run out of this walnut, that’s it.  I will however still continue to offer the large and medium walnut single bread boards as well as my maple mini bread board sets.

Have a great day!


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