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vintage home love: Fall Porch Preview

I happen to love Autumn and Halloween.  Some of my most favorite memories with my dad are during Halloween when my children were younger.  He truly enjoyed that day, just like a kid himself.  Hubby and I always spent Halloween at my parents house along with my sister and it was so much fun.  We would take our kiddos trick or treating around the neighborhood with Mom while Dad cooked up a big pot of chili for all of us to enjoy.  Then when the kids were worn out, or maybe we were, we’d walk back to their house to enjoy a warm bowl of chili and it always smelled so good inside.  Warm, welcoming and home, you know?

While my youngest never got to meet his Papa, I’m glad his older siblings have those memories and share them with him often.  It’s important to me that he know what a kind and fun man his grandpa was.  These days, I make my dad’s chili for my family and we create new memories.

And while most of our kids are now too old for trick or treating, hubby and I still take our youngest and love to visit my parents’ old neighborhood just so we can remember all the fun we used to have.  It’s one of those special memories I will always cherish.  And I’m so thankful I can still go back there and remember….

Because of those memories, decorating for that season is always special for me and special for my family so that’s what I spent this past weekend doing.   I want to make it fun for them because it’s our tradition. It’s not quite ready yet but I wanted to give you a little preview just to peak your interest a little…..

This year, I’m going all out on the decor.  🙂  And I’m looking forward to finishing it up and blogging about the rest of the porch soon!

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