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vintage home love: Fall Porch Ideas

I probably say this every year but I think I had the most fun this year decorating our porch for Fall.   I do love this time of year and I think it’s so fun and festive to see everyone’s homes decorated for the Fall season.  But more than anything, some of my most cherished family memories are during the Fall/Halloween season.

I think that one of my favorite things about decorating for Fall is that most of the things we use come from nature; hay bales, corn stalks, mums and pumpkins.   It’s natural and organic, which I love.

If you read my front door post, I told you that I also completely changed our wood screen door.  It has also been painted many colors since we bought it years ago, so I stripped all the paint off with paint stripper, sanded it and stained it.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where we bought this door and the answer is Lowes.  It had a mahogany colored shellac of some sort on it when we bought it and I didn’t care for it so we just painted over it.  I love the finish it has now as it makes the door look aged which I just love.

I did NOT strip the paint off the grid on the door over the screen because that would have been torture so instead I just painted it using the same technique I used on the front door to make it “look” like wood.  I also used a strip of cut up coffee sack to hang a wreath.

My hubby found this old porcelain sink but the finish was a bit icky so I painted it with spray paint textured with sand and filled it with pumpkins, twigs and antlers.  I just liked the rough texture the sand spray paint gave it.

My hubby also found this old ladder that I just loved because of the paint spilled all over it.  So I made burlap squares and stenciled letters onto them to spell BOO for Halloween and pinned them to the ladder rungs.

Because we love to add Halloween touches to our Fall decor, I also printed out silhouettes of crows and stenciled them on burlap and made pillows.  After Halloween, I will simply flip them over and stencil something for Thanksgiving on the other side.  This didn’t cost anything since I already had a big roll of burlap and black paint.  And I covered pillows that I already had.

I still have the mason jar tea light holders hanging from the porch ceiling.  And I love the natural jute rope wrapped around the ugly chain on our porch swing.

I love taking pictures at dusk but I’m still learning.  The warm glow coming from the inside of a home at this time of day is so inviting.

I sure hope that’s what people feel when they visit our home.   🙂

Happy October 1st!

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