vintage home love: DIY Easel Chalkboard

Hey there!  After receiving several requests, I put together a tutorial of the easel style chalkboard I made for our front porch.  I am certainly no expert at making these and there may be an easier way, however, this is how I did it.  I used inexpensive 1 x 2’s and leftover bead board.  You will also need 8 L brackets, two screw eyes, two small hinges and a piece of twine, I used hemp.  Total cost was around $15.

Since I already made the larger one for the front porch, I decided to make a smaller tabletop version for the tutorial that I could use in the kitchen or dining room.   Decide on the height and width you’d like to do and then cut your wood based on those measurements.  This one is 23 inches high and 13 1/2 inches wide.  Put your pieces in position to get ready to attach them.  I wanted to make this easy using as few tools as possible, so I attached my pieces with L brackets.

Attach all 4 L brackets for each side.  You will have two of these sections.

Next up, I applied two coats of Minwax Stain in special walnut.  Make sure you do both the front and back of the two frames.

While this is drying, apply chalkboard paint to whatever you are using for your chalkboard.  I used the back of leftover bead board that I cut to be a little larger than the inside portion of the frame.

Paint both pieces and let dry.

After everything is dry, place your chalkboards (chalkboard side down) on the back of each frame and attach.  I used wire brads because it’s what we had.

Remember, this is the back of the chalkboard.  Next, just to make everything look nice, I put a coat of chalkboard paint over the white bead board so it wouldn’t stand out so much under the frame.

Next, you will need two screw eye hooks.

Insert one into the bottom center of the chalkboard on the inside.

Do this with both sections and then line them up, back side facing up, tops together.

Yes, my paint is still wet, I tend to get in a hurry when I do projects because I’m on limited time with dinner, picking kids up from school, etc…  Take your two hinges and place them where I have in the photo above and attach with the screws provided.

Now, fold over the entire piece and stand it upright.  Take your piece of twine…

And make a knot in the end.  Thread it through one of the hook eyes you inserted inside the easel.

Thread the other end through the other hook eye and make a knot.

This will prevent it from sliding open and falling.  Some have chains, but I like something more natural like twine.  And that’s it!  You have an easel style chalkboard!

I’m going to use this one in our dining room on our console table with a very special gift that I received the other day from someone and I’ll be blogging about that soon.  If you have questions about this tutorial, just ask in the comments or email me.  If you do make one, I’d love to see pics!  Have a great day!

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