vintage home love: Anthropologie Inspired Gift Tags

I always take inspiration from Anthropologie during the holidays.  Their gift wraps and tags, as well as, holiday decor are so happy.  But the prices, not so much. 

I recently came across their holiday wooden gift tags and became completely smitten with them.  I love using nature in decor and even better that it’s something that comes from your own backyard.

I knew these would be ridiculously easy to make so I went looking around in the backyard for a log, preferably a dead one that was already somewhat dried out.  I found the perfect one about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and used a miter saw to slice it into 1/4 inch slices.  I used a drill bit to make a small hole in the top and threaded a piece of twine through it.  Done.

I made homemade vanilla this past summer to give away as gifts for Christmas and I thought these would look cute on the little bottles.  And I can’t wait to use them on my gifts.

Note:  I tried making these with some logs that my hubby cut fresh off a tree and the wood was still so wet inside that I didn’t think it would work.  I was worried they would crack during the drying out process.  I didn’t coat these with anything.  You could probably seal them with polyurethane if you wanted.   But I like them natural.

Super easy and free and I was able to make a big pile of them.  I love giving gifts so I need a lot!  LOL  🙂

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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