New Year

vintage home love: A Fresh Start

I love the renewed feeling our home has when we take the Christmas decor down and clean up after all the mess, get things back in order and start fresh for the New Year.

 And with a New Year comes second chances.  Another chance to forgive, to do better, give more, be more, love each other more.  For me, it’s also another chance to stop worrying about what if and start embracing what could be.

To remember to open myself up to a great adventure, a great friendship, a wonderful opportunity, instead of closing myself off for fear of getting hurt…..or just plain ol’ fear.

To remember to live in the moment….

To work hard and be optimistic about doing the things that I’m afraid of and realize that the courage to do them is inside me and has been all along.

To never give up on anyone……including myself.

As always, thank you for visiting today!  🙂

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