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Reclaimed Flooring End Tables and a $50 Giveaway!

Hey there!  I’m so excited about today’s post because I LOVE giveaways!   More on that below.

First, I want to show you a project we worked on over the weekend using the remaining section of this reclaimed bowling alley flooring leftover from our coffee table project.

I was afraid it was going to go to waste because I had decorators block and couldn’t come up with anything to do with it, until hubby came home with a pair of these amazing iron nesting tables that he found.  The scroll work isn’t my cup of tea, but, I knew we could remove that somehow.

Because I’m unorganized and get in a hurry when working on these things, the pic is just of one of the tables and I forgot to take pics as we worked.  To remove the scroll work, we just used a jig saw with a blade for steel cutting (and eye protection, there were plenty of sparks) and then I sanded down any sharp edges with sandpaper.  I liked the aged roughed up look of the iron tables so I just left them as is after removing the scroll piece instead of spray painting them.

After that, I simply placed the table upside down on the slab of flooring and traced around the outside.  Then we cut them out using a circular saw, cutting just inside the line we just traced.  This way, the piece would fit perfectly inside the lip of each table.  At least, that’s what we hoped…..we did have to do some minor sanding to make them fit perfectly into the table.  After they were secure, I applied polyurethane to the top and sides and voila!  Two perfect end tables to go with our coffee table we made from the same slab of flooring.

I was so excited when we split the first piece and inside it were these letters stenciled on the wood.  I thought it was a perfect touch and really added to the industrial vintage feel of the table.

I’m so happy that we were able to use every inch of that wonderful slab of reclaimed bowling alley floor and none of it went to waste.

And I’m glad we were able to remove the scroll work.  I love the simplicity of these tables.  There is such beauty in that.

Now onto the giveaway!  I’m a true believer in paying it forward and we’ve been blessed with great friends who have always been there for us, so, we’re giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card to one Our Vintage Home Love reader.  We love our readers so much and I LOVE giving gifts.  Making someone feel special is what life is all about.

To enter, just leave a comment.  (One comment per person, please)
The giveaway will end on Sunday night, November 13 and will be announced on Monday morning’s blog post, November 14.

Have a great day!

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