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Hey there!  We spent the weekend finishing up our front porch and we had so much fun doing it.  We are in the middle of an exciting time (albeit scary) with our shop opening in two weeks (eeekkkk!) and I’ve been feeling really festive so going all out on the decor was something I really wanted to do this year.  And if you read this post, you know why decorating for fall is so special to me.  So, here’s what we did…..

I started by making the trick or treat pillow cover out of burlap and canvas dropcloth to cover the orange dot pillow that I had on the porch from the summer.  Then I cut out a patch of dropcloth and stenciled Trick of Treat on the front using the font Stampete.  I enlarged the font to 250 on the computer and printed it out, cut it out and stenciled it on using black and orange paint.  After it was dry, I sewed it on the burlap, attached a couple of ties to the end, and put it on the existing pillow.

We recently replaced our porch swing with a newer one and I wanted to add a couple of pillows to it for fall.  Black is a color I don’t normally include in our decor but I thought black pillows for the porch for fall would be something different and add a touch of class, as well as, be perfect for Halloween.  I had trouble finding the right black fabric so I purchased a black fabric shower curtain and attached this natural looking ribbon in an X pattern to the front.  I love how they turned out.

I don’t usually buy corn stalks, hay, pumpkins and mums in the fall for our front porch decor but I really wanted to this year.  Usually I leave out the corn stalks but this year they seem really festive.

 I’m not a fan of the ugly plastic pots that mums come in so I simply wrapped them in my leftover burlap fabric and tied with a piece of hemp twine.

My hubby recently came across this old railroad kerosene light at an auction.   We took the guts out and I put a candle inside.  As much as I’d like to keep it, it will be for sale in our shop. 🙂

He also found this vintage wooden egg crate so I turned it into a planter and stuck a pot of mums inside.

I also added a couple more to another crate that we used to have on the back porch.  I love the time worn feel old crates add, as well as, the wood texture.

I like the wonderful muted colors of these heirloom pumpkins better than the orange kind when it comes to decor so I picked up a few.  We save the orange pumpkins for the fun jack o lanterns we carve when it gets closer to Halloween.  🙂

I love fall!!

We also love lights on the porch all year long so we just string them up on the top inside of the porch.  They create a warm cozy glow in the evenings that you can’t help but enjoy.  🙂

Have you decorated your porch for fall or Halloween yet?

P.S.  I’ve received a lot of emails asking the location of our shop and I will share that info in an upcoming post.

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